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It’s Here! The NEW BestBoy-2 Pocket Console. AND for $200 less than the original Best Boy!

More compact, lighter, water-proof. The same excellent BestBoy…Only BETTER & 200 bucks less! Click on photo for details.



The 24/Eight™ 

The Pocket Console® DMX  is now available with



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Basic Pocket Console®Video


BEST BOY Pocket Console®Video




The Pocket Console® has 8 FULLY RECORDABLE submasters in the PLAYBACK-8 software. In this version, THE POCKET CONSOLE® DMX PLAYBACK-8, it is not just a single scene playback anymore, but is now a true recording console.The Pocket Console® is the inexpensive source for the smallest, most graphic “hands-on” and “user-friendly” DMX-512 theatrical lighting console made.
  • It is small, lightweight, portable and designed to be hand held
  • Levels are set using eight faders (slider pots)
  • Each FADER has an associated bump button
  • 512 dimmer addresses are patchable to any of the eight faders
  • The faders are patchable using from 0 to 512 dimmer addresses per fader
  • The unit is powered by a 9v battery OR by a 120v AC power supplyIf you are looking for a basic and reliable device to test, setup or run a DMX-512 controlled, single universe system, this is the product you need.

The Pocket Console® Basic model

Models Priced from:the original Basic @ $319.99to the Best Boy 2 @ 449.99 (plus S&H and applicable taxes)

Case Options! Your choice of either a:


Please see Accessories page for details.

Five Other Available Console Types:

  • The Original BASIC, single scene, 8 Channel, 512 dmx value console.
  • dmXact LED Readout – Allows realtime output in DMX 0-255, DMX% 0-100 and binHex 00-FF readout of faders. EXCELLENT test tool giving precise output data.
  • 8-Page Patch (Moving Light and Ballroom Multi-Patch) allows EIGHT discreet pages of patch configurations!
  • Playback-8™ Allows for EIGHT discreet Sub-masters!
  • 24/Eight™ has 24 CHANNELS and 8 Sub-masters!


Also available in a Rack Mount model.