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Pocket DMX i-App

for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

BCi’s NEW WiFi Pocket Console® DMX System is a live control application for DMX controlled systems via an Apple device. Our easy to use, hand-held DMX control console

places a remote, patchable, dmx control system in the palm of your hand. You can use Pocket DMX™ on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad when connected via a standard wireless router to the requisite BCi Pocket Console® DMX NETport™.

You have 36 patchable channels of level control. Each DMX address can be patched to any channel. You can patch all 512 DMX addresses and any channel can control from 0 to all 512 addresses. There is also a dimmer and channel check function with the output level selectable by the user.

The BCi Pocket Console® DMX NETport™ allows merging of your existing console data with simultaneous input from your own i-device as well as having a DMX pass-through port. Merging is on a highest takes precedence (HTP) basis.

The WiFi Pocket Console® DMX System offers:

  • Automatic connection to the Pocket Console® DMX NETport™
  • All 512 DMX addresses
  • 36 Patchable Channels
  • Dimmer and Channel Check with Solo option
  • Grand Master
  • Bump Channel to Master
  • Blackout Button
  • DMX merge
 & pass-through
  • More…

Requires a standard WiFi connection and the Pocket Console® DMX NETport™, available from BCi at

You can download BCi’s Pocket DMX™ at the I-Tunes App Store link below.

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