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    The DMXcat’s interface device is a compact battery powered unit which fits easily in a pocket or tool pouch or may be worn on a belt. It uses Bluetooth LE technology for communication with the smartphone/applications (up to 50’ range). Without the limitations of being physically connected, the user can move about the workspace as needed with his/her smartphone and run the various apps while still using the phone for on-the-job communication. The device’s 5 pin XLRF connector/cable asembly allows it to be connected to a point in a DMX data chain to allow testing and or control of the various DMX/RDM channel functions. It is charged using a standard USB to Micro-USB cable and charger.

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    Other features include a built-in LED flashlight, an audible alarm (for locating a misplaced unit), an LED Status indicator, and a removable belt clip.

    Optional accessories include: XLR5M to RJ45 Adapter, XLR5M to XLR3F Adapter, XLR5M to XLR5M Turnaround, XLR5M to XLR3M Turnaround, Belt Pouch.

  • DMXcat Pouch


    Belt pouch for DMXcat dongle.

  • Pistol Case


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  • Rackmount DMX

    Pocket Console RackMount 2


    The Pocket Console Rack Mount is the solution for rack mounted simplified DMX control.

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  • The Pocket Console® Basic mod

    The Original Basic Pocket Console® DMX


    The Basic model provides a single scene with 8 Channels of up to 512 patchable dimmers or attributes.

    (Mini-Maglite shown for size comparison only)

  • 24/Eight™ Pocket Console® DMX


    24/Eight™. The NEWEST most versatile Pocket Console® DMX EVER! Comes with One dmx-512 universe patchable to 24 discreet channels accessed in 3 Banks of 8 channels each. Your 24/Eight™ has the same 8 recordable Sub-masters as the Playback-8 model. She also works in a straight 24 Channel Mode. So if you need individual 1-24 Channel control or a recordable 8 Sub-master controller, you can have it all. Click HERE to read instructions.

  • Pocket Console in Yellow Pelican case

    Pocket Console® DMX with Playback-8™


    Our 8 Sub-master workhorse. Gives you the same 8 Channels of control as the Basic model, however with the added ability to Record up to 8 Sub-masters for calling back 8 exact looks.

    (Pelican case shown sold separately)


  • The NEW BEST BOY-2™ Pocket Console® DMX with Playback-8™


    Just like our 8 Sub-master workhorse, the PLAYBACK-8. It gives you the same 8 Channels of control as the Playback model and its ability to Record up to 8 Sub-masters for calling back 8 exact looks. Built to take it in an armored case with an etched faceplate. AND the NEW BEST BOY-2 sells for $200 LESS than the old BEST BOY!

    The Best-Boy-2…the Gaffer’s friend for sure…as it should be.