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Rackmount-1™ Pocket Console® Specs

<img width=”500″ height=”90″ align=”middle” alt=”RACK
MOUNT-1 Pocket Console® DMX” src=”” />

<br /><br />
<br /><br />

Dimensions: 19&quot; wide X 3-1/2&quot; tall X 1-14&quot; deep —- 2 – U high
<br />    (1-1/2&quot; for fader handle clearance)<p><br /></p><p>Shipping weight:        3.5 lb</p>

<p>Packaged size: 20&quot; X 10&quot; X 2.5&quot;

<br />    (RackMount™ includes 120vac adapter and instructions)</p><p><b>Data</b></p>
<p>DMX Output:         Board mounted
terminal block
<br />    Optional FlushMount Faceplate 5 pin XLR available</p>
<p>Data Output:         DMX-512 1990
standard, 44Hz</p>
<p>Memory:            Non-Volatile Flash</p>


<p>Number of Channels:    8 with
Momentary BUMP buttons
<br /></p>
<p>Patch:                Fully independent 512
DMX to 1-8 Channels</p><p>Firmware
Options: Basic, <a href=”″>dmXact</a>™
and <a href=”″>Playback-8</a>™
may all be used with the Rackmount-1™<br />

<li>US Input: 120vac/3.5w/60Hz (wall
<br />    Output: 9vdc/150mA<br />
<br />

</li><li>World P/S Input: 100-240vac/3.5w/50-60Hz
<br />    Output: 9vdc/150mA

<p><b>Comes with instructions </b></p>
<p><b>Warranty: 2 years; from registered date of purchase</b></p>