Wireless Pocket Console – Transmitter


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Merging the field-tested technology of Lumenradio™, whose wireless DMX system has been time proven in the DMX entertainment field, with the smallest, most graphic and user-friendly DMX-512 control device in the world today, the ubiquitous Pocket Console® DMX.

The Pocket Console® DMX and Lumenradio™ wireless technology put DPs & Gaffers in control, where they want it and when they want it. Be the first to walk the set in wireless DMX control.

The Pocket Console® DMX Transmitter, when matched to the Receiver, functions as a remote control dimmer board, wireless circuit check device, redundant dimmer check, wireless DMX FX trigger or any other uses where wireless dmx triggering is needed.

From your kit to running DMX to whatever device you choose, that quickly.

Built into in the same robust case as the Best Boy 2.



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