The NEW BEST BOY-2™ Pocket Console® DMX with Playback-8™


Just like our 8 Sub-master workhorse, the PLAYBACK-8. It gives you the same 8 Channels of control as the Playback model and its ability to Record up to 8 Sub-masters for calling back 8 exact looks. Built to take it in an armored case with an etched faceplate. AND the BEST BOY-2 sells for $200 LESS than the old BEST BOY!

The Best-Boy-2…the Gaffer’s friend for sure…as it should be.

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

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The BEST BOY™ Pocket Console® is permanently built into a waterproof case for robust use in extreme environments.

Comes with 8 fully recordable submasters in the latest PLAYBACK-8™ software.

Available in  Black Case only.

The BEST BOY-2™ Pocket Console® is now the source for the TOUGHEST, smallest, most graphic “hands-on” and “user-friendly” DMX-512 theatrical lighting console ever made.

  • It is small, lightweight, portable and designed to be hand held
  • Levels are set using eight faders (slider pots)
  • Up to 8 Submaster scenes can be recorded
  • Each FADER has an associated bump button
  • Flushmount power receptacle and DMX 9″ tail output are mounted inside of the case
  • The faders are patchable using from 0 to 512 dimmer addresses per fader
  • The unit is powered by a 9v battery OR by a 120v AC power supply

If you are looking for a basic and reliable device to test, setup or run a DMX-512 controlled, single
universe system, this is the product you need.

BESTBOY Pocket Console® Specs

Additional information

Weight 2.25 lbs


  1. Marcus, Principal, AVi

    Just wanted to let you know we have been on site all week at a job in Texas and have been rockin’ our Best Boy! We love this thing! It allowed us to test a bunch of product prior to DMX lines being terminated! Saved a ton of time…
    Thanks for the great product!

    Principal, AVi
    3620 East I-240 Service Road
    Oklahoma City, OK 73135

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