Pocket Console® DMX with Playback-8™


Our 8 Sub-master workhorse. Gives you the same 8 Channels of control as the Basic model, however with the added ability to Record up to 8 Sub-masters for calling back 8 exact looks.

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The Pocket Console® with
8 fully recordable submasters in
the new PLAYBACK-8™ software. In this version, THE POCKET CONSOLE® DMX
PLAYBACK-8, it is not just a single scene playback anymore, but is now
a recording console.

The Pocket Console® is the inexpensive source for the smallest, most graphic “hands-on” and “user-friendly” DMX-512 theatrical lighting console made.

  • It is small, lightweight, portable and designed to be hand held
  • Levels are set using eight faders (slider pots)
  • Each FADER has an associated bump button
  • 512 dimmer addresses are patchable to any of the eight faders
  • The faders are patchable using from 0 to 512 dimmer addresses per fader
  • The unit is powered by a 9v battery OR by a 120v AC power supplyIf you are looking for a basic and reliable device to test, setup or run a DMX-512 controlled, single universe system, this is the product you need.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6.625 × 3.25 × 1.375 in


  1. Richard Cadena/Assoc. LD, The NBA LED Project (verified owner)

    Reno, NV. Jan. 6, 2014
    While loading in a new experimental LED basketball court lighting system for the NBA, it was found that the LEDs were not playing entirely well with the rental DMX console. Insert one Pocket Console DMX brought in by the local lighting vendor, StarSound, and presto…court lights up and running until the issue was resolved!

    Bravo Pocket Console!

    Richard Cadena/Assoc. LD
    The NBA LED Project
    ETCP Recognized Trainer

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