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These devices are a must have for the serious entertainment electrician’s workbox or briefcase. Trust and confirm your instincts about copper size, amperage, line voltage loss and KVA like never before.

The Electri-Calc LT™ Model is the perfect electrical brain tool for Production Electricians, Master Electricians, Gaffers and Best Boys when dealing with high amperage values and/or voltage calculations, plus dealing with the NEC. Figures out your amps per phase, total watts, copper size, line voltage loss, does KVA or KW translations and has many more features. Calculates in all voltages and phases. This powerful tool works in specific electrical terms and values, features many specialized function keys, yet is easy to use.

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Features to Both LT & PRO
Solve Electrical Math Problems (e.g., Volts, Amps, Volt-Amps, Watts, kVA, kW, PF%)
Average Voltage Drop Copper or Aluminum Wire Sizes
Figure Parallel and De-rated Wire Sizes Grounding Conductor Sizes
Works as a Regular Calculator Battery saving Auto Shut-Off
Easy-To-Follow User’s Guide Long-life Battery (1CR-2032)
Sturdy vinyl Case (LT Only) Full 1-year Warranty
Features to PRO Only
Free $19.95 Armadillo Gear protective case Motor Full-Load Amps
Overload Protection Sizes NEMA Starter Sizes
Conduit Sizes Updatable for NEC changes

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