The Pocket Console® DMX line of products have found a new EURO Wall Wart! This custom molded power supply, made specifically for The Pocket Console® only, is auto sensing and capable of use worldwide. It comes ready to go with standard adapters for worldwide wall use (in most countries) and is capable of working in 100-240v environments. This unit will retail for $49.99US. Stay tuned for its placement on the website!!!


After Beta testing at Element Labs, ( we now have NEW DMX readout software available for the Pocket Console®!
This new version does three new things for diagnostic and testing of DMX devices.
1) DMX Value Readout from 000-255.
2) DMX 0-99% readout
3) BinHex readout.
Techs and applications which need EXACT DMX value can now have it on the POCKET CONSOLE®!

ROSCO purchases for Sales force

World reknowned and respected ROSCO Laboratories has just purchased 12 Pocket Consoles® for use by their National Sales force. So as they travel the country and demo their extensive line of DMX devices, they have made The Pocket Console® their control device of choice.

BCI develops a 19″ RACK MOUNT version of the Pocket Console®

BCI has developed a 19″ RACK MOUNT version of the Pocket Console®and is in the process of developing a 4-gangbox, WALL MOUNT version, as well. Both are for permanent installations and are the perfect solution
for numerous basic lighting control situations from Worklights to Houselights to Chapel Lights to simple stage lighting needs.