NETport and iApp review

The very first Pocket DMX-iApp/NETport end-user review is in!
Please read Todd Davis’s comments below:
From: Todd Davis

Overall a wonderful product! The combination of a NETport and an iOS device is great in the right application. I used this setup on a commercial shooting high speed. We needed to dim the extreme light levels during setup and then bring up levels for shooting. The use of the iApp allowed all the technicians to be working the set. No one had to man the board as we all had a board in our pockets. It is also nice that when the set rapidly changes directions all you have to do is move to a better vantage to see the lights you are effecting. The board comes with you as it is in your pocket always.

As long as the user does not put the setup into the wrong application with grandiose expectations I think this is going to be a very well received product.

Rapid setup.
Extremely simple interface. All technicians can understand the controls in seconds.
Extreme portability.

Can take a moment to respond if opening iOS device up from lock.
Tough to control small changes on small touchscreen. (This would not be a problem if using an iPad, but the iPhone and iPod are what the app is natively designed for.)
Very limited configuration options. Like no cross fade, scene presets, etc. (See also Pros 1 and 2)