Rackmount-1™ Pocket Console® Specs


Dimensions: 19″ wide X 3-1/2″ tall X 1-14″ deep —- 2 – U high
(1-1/2″ for fader handle clearance)


Shipping weight: 3.5 lb

Packaged size: 20″ X 10″ X 2.5″
(RackMount™ includes 120vac adapter and instructions)


DMX Output: Board mounted terminal block
Optional FlushMount Faceplate 5 pin XLR available

Data Output: DMX-512 1990 standard, 44Hz

Memory: Non-Volatile Flash


Number of Channels: 8 with Momentary BUMP buttons

Patch: Fully independent 512 DMX to 1-8 Channels

Firmware Options: Basic, dmXact™ and Playback-8™ may all be used with the Rackmount-1™


  • US Input: 120vac/3.5w/60Hz (wall wart)
    Output: 9vdc/150mA
  • World P/S Input: 100-240vac/3.5w/50-60Hz
    Output: 9vdc/150mAComes with instructions Warranty: 2 years; from registered date of purchase