The NEW BEST BOY-2 Is here & for $200 less than the old Best Boy!!!

City Theatrical’s DMXcat has ARRIVED!

Gone Fishing!

Folks, We will be away for the next few days, so filling orders will be delayed. Please only order GROUND shipping! See you after Oct. 23!

The 24/Eight™ has ARRIVED! The Pocket Console® DMX now has 24 Channels!

24_Eight Instructions Rev3


Reno, NV. Jan. 6, 2014 While loading in a new experimental LED basketball court lighting system for the NBA, it was found that the LEDs were not playing entirely well with the rental DMX console. Insert one Pocket Console DMX brought in by the local lighting vendor, StarSound, and presto…court lights up and running until […]

BEST BOY™ POCKET CONSOLE® Rocks Texas and AVinc.

Rob, Just wanted to let you know we have been on site all week at a job in Texas and have been rockin’ our Best Boy! We love this thing! It allowed us to test a bunch of product prior to DMX lines being terminated! Saved a ton of time… Thanks for the great product! […]

NETport and iApp review

The very first Pocket DMX-iApp/NETport end-user review is in! Please read Todd Davis’s comments below: From: Todd Davis

Overall a wonderful product! The combination of a NETport and an iOS device is great in the right application. I used this setup on a commercial shooting high speed. We needed to dim the extreme light levels […]


Got RFU? Get Pocket DMX™ After much anticipation, THE POCKET CONSOLE® DMX is now an Apple App and Wi-Fi capable!

Utilizing a standard Wi-Fi router and our BCi NETport™ dmx delivery device, we can now operate dmx devices from our very own ITouch, IPhone or IPAD.

Apple has just accepted our App to the […]

The POCKET CONSOLE® Does the Olympics!

Six units just shipped to Vancouver for the CBC! Rock On!


After much anticipation, THE POCKET CONSOLE-dmx® now has 8 fully recordable submasters in the new PLAYBACK-8™ software. The PC-dmx is not just a single scene playback anymore, but a recording console.COME TO LDI BOOTH 1831 and see for yourself how THE POCKET CONSOLE® can now record cues. Come and see the exponentially increased flexibility and […]