Pocket Console® DMX with Moving Light 8 Page Multi-Patch


Up to 64 Channels of control in 8 pages of 8 channels each. Handy for field-teching moving lights, LEDs or for the salesman who needs to access up to 8 different DMX patches for 8 different products to be demoed.

(Pelican case shown sold separately)

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(Optional case may be added on the Accessories page.)

The Pocket Console® with
8-Page Patch (Moving Light and Ballroom Multi-Patch) allows EIGHT discreet pages of patch configurations!

The Pocket Console™ is the inexpensive source for the smallest, most graphic “hands-on” and “user-friendly” DMX-512 theatrical lighting console made.

  • It is small, lightweight, portable and designed to be hand held
  • Levels are set using eight faders (slider pots)
  • Each FADER has an associated bump button
  • 512 dimmer addresses are patchable to any of the eight faders
  • The faders are patchable using from 0 to 512 dimmer addresses per fader
  • The unit is powered by a 9v battery OR by a 120v AC power supply


If you are looking for a basic and reliable device to test, setup or run a DMX-512 controlled, single universe system, this is the product you need.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6.625 × 3.25 × 1.375 in


  1. Steven Truitt

    “This is one of the coolest tools ever.”

    I Love This Thing! When I came home from LDI, I installed the 8- page chip right away. Instructions were very clear about guiding me. I highly reccomend the Radio Shack 276-2101 PLCC Extraction Tool, I paid $10.49 for mine. This tool made the process extremely simple. I used the foam lined inside top of the Pelican case lid to lay the unit’s face down on. This is one of the coolest tools ever. Thanks.

    Steven Truitt
    Technical Director
    Bass Performance Hall
    Fort Worth, Texas
    Date Added: 12/11/2008 by Steven Truitt

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